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Professional CV & Cover Letter Writing Services

100 TL
Kıbrıs / Lefkoşa / Yeni Kent
16 Ocak 2020


By a Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Writer, and an Employer with HR experience…

A prospective employer spends an average of just 3 seconds before they form an opinion about you by having a look at your CV… First impression matters, don’t ruin your chances!

It is incredibly important that your CV and supporting documents are:

  • free of grammatical errors
  • professional and neat looking
  • relevantly tailored or prepared (according to the position you apply)

to increase your chances of getting hired.

Contact us with your details and specific requirements now to have a winning CV and Cover Letter.

FREE pro tips:

  • Always include a cover letter to make a significant impact. 
  • Contrary to the popular belief, always include your age and gender on your CV. Ask us when you need a photo (for your best interests) and when you don’t… (and no, it’s not about being pretty, at all…)

CV = 100 TL

Cover Letter = 150 TL

Cash only, payment in person. You will receive your completed documents after the payment is done.

Nicosia area for now.

Hurry up! Because our prices will rise when we start offering online payment & serving the whole island.

*We offer our services in English and Turkish.


Disclaimer: Our services do not guarantee that you will get the job, it guarantees to help and raise your chances.

We will never disclose your identity. Our services are %100 confidential.


Contact: [email protected]

Miss Gizem Kate Öztinen, MA, BSc

Yenikent, Gönyeli


        * We also offer proofreading and editing services. Send your project to get a free quote!

(But guys… "Editing" does not mean re-writing a document or making somebody else’s work look like your own…)


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Önemli : Sayın kullanıcılarımız, kendi güvenliğiniz ve diğer kullanıcıların daha sağlıklı alışveriş yapabilmeleri için, satın almak/kiralamak veya yararlanmak istediğiniz ürünü görmeden/teslim almadan ön ödeme yapmamaya avans ya da kapora ödememeye özen gösteriniz. İlan sahiplerinin ilanlarında herhangibir içeriğin veya görselin gerçeği yansıtmadığını düşünüyorsanız lütfen bize haber veriniz.
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